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On this page you will see my blog, where i will express my opnions, and read what i have to bitch about in my life, so enjoy and feel free to comment

Hello people this is my first blog entry since getting back up and running, due to some jackass hacking my old site. Which brings about our first topic computer  geeks with way to much time on their hands  who like to screw with people. I would really like to find out who did this because it royally pissed me off. But i digress on to other topics. Has anyone tried to watch Tv at all in the last two weeks? It's immpossible the damn olympics are still on, i mean i can see a week of this crap but it's been going on for over two weeks now, i mean come on people we all know the only people who watch this junk live in the land of the fruits and the nuts @!  Well the daytona 500 is over for another year and the Nascar Nextel Cup season is underway ( thank god!) the finish of this year's race was quite disappointing to me, ( i'm an earnhardt fan!) I just think that Nascar has gone too politcally Correct it ain't right! I think that Tony Stewart had every right to nudge that jackass Matt Kenseth! All is fair in love and war. Beside he hit first, and if he's gonna whine about it well someone needs to tell him rubbins racin' and if he can't take it he should get the hell out of that car.